Christmas Gift: Give an Advent Basket

by Trillia Newbell

In 2010 my friend Emilee invited a few girlfriends to give an advent basket to one of our mutual friends and her daughter. We were so excited to do this but had never heard of it. Emilee learned about it from Molly Piper and shared it with us.  So this year, our friend who had received one the year before thought it would be fun to continue the tradition so we surprised another friend. It was so sweet to see my dear friend receive these gifts yesterday that I wanted to share it with you.

It is a sweet and wonderful way to bless someone.

What is an Advent Basket?

Simply it’s 25 gifts opened throughout the Advent season (December 1-25).

How we did the Advent Basket

There are probably hundreds of fun and unique ways to put together a basket for someone. For us, we found five friends who put together  five individual gifts, numbered them 1 to 25 and placed them in a basket. Our friend will open one of the gifts each day until Christmas.

We filled the basket with scripture verses and small gifts. Nothing too elaborate and definitely not expensive.  Both years our friends were surprised. The best part, knowing that everyday they will have a sweet surprise, scripture verse, encouragement note, and more all pointing them to Christ and reminding them of the love of God through the Cross and through his kind gift of friendship with others.

Other Advent Ideas:

Give to a charity for 25 days (small gifts or time)

Give to your spouse small notes of encouragement and scripture throughout the advent season

Find a family in need and give a gift a day in rotation (to each person, evenly or gifts for the whole family) for 25 days

Find a group of friends and surprise one with an advent basket

It’s not too late! But if this year it seems like too much, tuck this away for a sweet surprise to someone next year.

amy and advent basket

Amy Maples receiving her basket of gifts for the Advent season

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