Homemade Whipped Cream & Butter

by Trillia Newbell

I love homemade whipped cream. My mother-in-law is from England and she introduced me to it and how to make it. I rarely ever purchase whipped cream as a result; try it, you’ll know why! What I didn’t know is that if I continued whipping the cream it also made butter!

My friend was doing a home school project with her daughter that called for making homemade butter and she shared some with me. I haven’t spread anything but homemade butter since.

It is simple, extremely easy to make, and delicious.


Ingredients: Heavy whipping cream

Tool: an electric mixer








Pour the cream in the bowl

Begin to whip on medium until it begins to thicken

Once it begins to thicken as seen below, put on a higher mixing speed

whipped cream thickening

STOP: Do you want whipped cream? Here it is!

This whipped cream is delicious on apple pies, mixed with fresh berries, however you would serve your store bought brand.

Whipped Cream
whipped cream

Keep mixing on high to continue to make butter.

As you continue you will see buttermilk in the bottom and solid chunks at the top.

Butter at the top, butter milk at the bottom.

Drain the buttermilk with a spoon or strainer.

Put back in to continue mixing until the butter is smooth and relatively free of the moisture.

You’re done!

Homemade butter!


(Note: Use at least one cup of heavy whipping cream. I have made this several times and our family enjoys it just as is. But, you can add salt, herbs and spices, honey, applesauce, etc. to make it a unique and tasty specialized butter. )

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2 Comments to “Homemade Whipped Cream & Butter”

  1. Anne says:

    Sounds great! We will try it!

  2. admin says:

    Let me know what you think when you try. It’s quite yummy. Thanks for commenting!