Name of the game: I don’t “like” it

by Megan Greiner

I am so on top of things. Why just this morning I baked some muffins for my kids, organized a closet, and got in a run, all before 6 am.

And then I woke up.

But in my dreams, I get so much done. Sometimes, I even play tennis. I don’t really want to play tennis, I just want to wear the cute little tennis skirt. But they’re my dreams, so let’s play some tennis. I know, in reality, the moment the sweat started, I’d be done with tennis, cute skirt or not.

Whoops. I tend to get distracted when I think about cute clothes.

So back to reality: I play The Comparison Game a lot. I tend to get caught up in Facebook statuses or blogs and see how much better someone else’s life is and how much more they accomplish. Facebook statuses (generally) only report positive things. And so it becomes very easy to start this little game in my head, well she’s better because she runs. She cooks. She bakes. She never yells. She…well, you aren’t seeing the full picture.

I also know in reality, if I want to bake, I have to do it at night, after the kids are in bed; I’m not sure what “organized closet” means; and if I’m running, it’s probably because someone is chasing me. And it may or may not be one of my own children.

Do you ever compare yourself to someone else and come out on the bottom? Yeah, me either. Okay, all the time. I think it’s so easy in today’s world to read about other people’s lives and think, wow, she is so much more ____________ than I am. You can fill in the blank with practically anything – organized, skinnier, prettier, smarter, talented, creative, and on and on and on.

And I’m certainly not technology-bashing, because I love technology as much as the next girl, I just think sometimes we can take it too far and let it interfere with how we view ourselves.

But, let’s step back.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14

 Did you catch that? Read it again if you need to, and let it soak in. You are wonderfully made.

 YOU! You, right there, the one who is shaking her head? Yes, YOU are wonderfully made.

 I don’t believe that the God who loves us and desires good things for His children would want us to sit around comparing, feeling like we don’t add up. And most often what happens is we compare our weaknesses to someone else’s strengths.

We will lose every time. It’s like comparing Chick-Fil-A to McDonald’s. You just can’t do it.

I am not gifted in what you are gifted in. We all have beautiful gifts and talents to bring to the table, and you may not be able to make made from scratch, tastes like heaven, cinnamon rolls. But I guarantee that you have the ability to bless someone. Maybe it’s a handwritten note, or the gift of time, or the gift of encouragement, but whatever it is, it is yours and it is a blessing and you are more wonderful because of it.

So let’s try to remember that the next time you see a Facebook post with the perfect meal on the table while at your house, it was a major undertaking to pick up the phone and choose between pepperoni or cheese. It’s not about comparing. It’s about Him, and how He sees you.  It’s about being wonderfully made.

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