We have content!

Dear Readers:

Well after a month of preparing, writing, editing, and praying, it’s here! This little modest webzine has content! I hoped to capture the overall essence of what WOG will be like each time you come by with this initial “issue”.  Over the next few days and potentially months, the site will be updated with more articles and giveaways and then we will start our normal routine, only updating every two months.

I am excited about every article for the November launch. Please make sure to click on the sections to see what is there. If you are interested in learning more about music check out Ellie Holcomb’s album, maybe you want to learn about organization, take a look at what Staci Eastin has to say. If you are interested in adoption, WOG contributor Leslie Nack shares her insights into how to get started and Claire May shares her personal experience with foster children. Natalie Clayman gives us some ideas for decorating the home and Leigh Ann Dutton shares a comical tale of cloth diapering. Perhaps you struggle with an eating disorder, we would like to pray for you and I hope Eva Cochran’s testimony builds your faith for your own one day.

Those are just a few of the many articles you’ll find over the next few months.

And it just wouldn’t be a magazine or website without giveaways and we have many. More news about those later!

If you get to know me, you will find that I am not artistically creative and technology is as foreign as graphic design.  Without the help of others, this site would be pretty, well, plain. Thank you Kelly Schehl for the wonderful logo design, thank you David McKendrick of Diffused Online for all the help! Seriously, without David there just wouldn’t be a site at all. I would also like to thank the guys at Fused Network for your continued service and assistance and for leading me to David! Thank you to all of my wonderful contributors who will make Women of God magazine much more entertaining and interesting than it would be without you.

Please enjoy and let me know if you have questions or article suggestions or if you would like to be featured. Contact me directly at wogmag@gmail.com.

Until next time!

Many blessings,

Trillia Newbell

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