Stay-at-Work Moms: A series about finding work at home

by Trillia Newbell

mom with daugtherWake up at 5:00 am, read and write, get the kids up (sometimes), breakfast, play, read books, eat lunch, do an interview, teach a group fitness class, make dinner, break up kids fighting, greet husband, serve dinner, write some more, sleep and do it again not in that order. I lead a very full sometimes chaotic life. Without the grace and power of God I would never get through some of my days. I stress some because each day is very different- they all require God’s grace- but some are simply easier. I am a stay-at-home, work-from-home mom! Kind of crazy! All this really means is that my floors are messy most days and I’m thrilled when we find matching socks. My hours not spent working are generally spent tending to my sweet children and my husband and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The economy stinks. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. When my husband and I began to plan for kids we knew that I would be at home with them. What we didn’t prepare for was the economic hardship this decision would bring. My husband’s real-estate business began to struggle and he began to think of ways to earn a better income, cost of living went up including gas and food. It seemed like one thing after another. We really wanted me to stay-at-home but we also wanted to eat. I would need to work and work more. What would I do?

I’ve also been a bit innovative and maybe a little adventurous so I suggested a few ways I might be able to work from home.  Without giving you all the details (because then there would be no need for this little series!) I have been able to work from home with legitimate, respectable jobs, and some outside of the home and help my family! It has been the clearest and most practical way I have been able to be my husband’s help-mate, other than caring from our children! More on that soon.

I have a feeling that there are women out there who are at home and facing the decision to go to work full-time, women who are in mom on cellfull-time work but would love to be at home, or women who have a gift and would like to learn ways to put that gift into action for the glory of God. My hope is that this little series might be a means of encouragement and a resource for you to use to see what is available to moms who have a desire to work from home.

But there’s much more. I want to build the faith of the mother who has no choice but to work full-time as well.  Please stick with us as we highlight women in various seasons and circumstances.

Watch also for women who are doing creative things at home such as photography, graphic design, writing, personal assistants and much more.


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