The Anti-Homeschooling, Homeschooling Mom

by Trillia Newbell

abcWhat in the world is homeschooling? I remember thinking that when I started getting to know my small group leaders wife at church. I remember wondering if her kids had gotten kicked out of school. Maybe they had a learning disability, I would think, and needed more attention; so out of the goodness of her heart she was teaching her child. Why else would anyone homeschool?

I grew up very active in school. I had a great experience in my middle and high school. Those were years when I really developed an interest for learning and public speaking. I learned how to play the flute, ran for student government, and went to school dances. At times, I had a blast. Why in the world would anyone homeschool?

Up until the last several years I thought:

1)      Homeschooling was for the surburban white family with a lot of money.

2)      Homeschooling was for children who were having a difficult time learning at “regular” school.

3)      Homeschooling could only be done successfully by moms trained in teaching (or who had a degree in education).

4)      Homeschooling was for uber conservatives

Here were my thoughts of the potential outcome for the kids:

1)      The kids would be really awkward socially.

2)      The kids would not get into college.

3)      Even if the kids got into college, they wouldn’t be educated well enough do well.

4)      The kids wouldn’t actually do school while at home.

To say the least, I wasn’t fond of the thought of homeschooling. Homeschooling seemed like a horrible idea. As I got to know a few of the mothers better I realized that many of my stereotypical thoughts of homeschooled kids were wrong- at least in my circle. But even with the knowledge that I was wrong in my assumptions, I still was a bit resistant to the idea. That is until I had my own children.

It’s interesting how having children will change you. I thought I’d know what I’d think, how I’d be, how I’d act. The truth is you just don’t know anything until you are there. My kids changed a lot of things including my thoughts on homeschooling. It all started with my son’s interest in graphic design but maybe I’ll get into that little later.

Here are a few reasons this anti-homeschooling gal has decided to take a stab at homeschooling:

1)      I can. That’s seems too simple, but honestly that the truth. I can. My work at home allows me to be able to. Because I am able I wanted to give it an honest try.

2)      I love being with my kids. I really do. It’s really a transformation (read about my transformation at the link). I enjoy them so much and look forward to spending intentional time with them.

3)      To meet his needs. I will start with my son. I think that homeschooling will give me the opportunity to teach him at his own pace. So if he needs to slow down, we can slow down. If he needs to move forward, we can do that too.

4)      To cultivate his gifting. My son is very artistic. I’d like to help him explore that further. I think homeschooling will allow me to do that because he will not have a ton of homework on top of school. He will “go” to school and then we can work on art.

5)      For greater flexibility.  Homeschooling will give me the opportunity to work with his schedule and mine. It will allow for creative and fun field trips, after school activities such as sports and music lessons. It’s an exciting thought.

6)      I have a large community of homeschooling friends and support group that will help make this journey easier. If I were on my own, it might be more difficult, but knowing I can bounce ideas and questions off of a large community of homeschool moms makes it a little less scary.

7)      I can send him to school if I want to. Having options is really wonderful to me. If it seems like it isn’t working for him, he can go to school.

8)      There are many different options for homeschooling including coops and several types of curriculum.

Now that you know my top reasons, here’s what I plan to do. Homeschooling will be a journey for this first timer. I’ve never done it before and like any writer, of course I want to write about it! I’d like to invite you on my journey. I will write about what worked for me, what did not, how I’m preparing and more. We’ll look at the good and the bad, probably have a few laughs at my expense, and decide if I’m any good at this.

Here goes nothing. Preparing for registration in a few weeks!

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3 Comments to “The Anti-Homeschooling, Homeschooling Mom”

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  2. Lori says:

    I am going to follow your blog on this journey….we’re in the middle of our first homeschooling year and loving it!

  3. admin says:

    Great Lori! Let me know how it goes for you too!! – Trillia