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Picture of Michelle Hamstra courtesy of Michelle Hamstra Photography

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Michelle Hamstra, 31, of the greater Chicago area, has been snapping memories for the past three years. She always enjoyed shooting photos but taking it to the next level was a step of faith. Learn more about this mom of four and some helpful tips to get you going.

Q.  How did you get into it?

Hamstra: I always loved taking pictures but when I had children I found myself wanting to be able to take it to the next level.  I rallied family members to go in on a film canon rebel for me. I later upgraded to a digital rebel and eventually to my current camera, Canon 5D Mark ii.

Q:   Was this a venture you pursued to help financially solely?

Hamstra: My business was an exciting step for me to actually get paid for doing what I loved to do. It was a hard step! I was so scared people would be regularly disappointed in my work and that they wouldn’t think I was worth what I charged! But, as I grew in experience I also grew in confidence and I now approach my clients with excitement to capture their memories with both passion and skill.

Q: Did you have any formal training?

Hamstra: I was self-taught in photography and photoshop but I have taken one professional workshop.

Q: Is formal training needed? If not, what is?

Hamstra: I would say no, but I would like to temper that with a caveat.  To pursue the self-taught route requires a lot of work. I spent countless late night hours searching for tutorials, tips and secret editing strategies. If you have the money to invest a few workshops would expedite that process tenfold.

Q: If someone was looking to set up a business what would they need to do or what do you recommend?

Hamstra: I am the worst person to ask. I am a terrible business woman! From everything I’ve read I’d say that Facebook and blogging are the top keys to a successful business. I barely do either.  I rely on doing an amazing job for a bride and posting some things to Facebook and hoping that her friends love her work and want to book me!

Q: What do you shoot mostly and what is your favorite thing to shoot?

Hamstra: People, people, and more people!  I love shooting high school seniors and wedding couples!

Q: What are your rates?

Hamstra: My sessions start at $250 and my weddings start at $2,500.

Q: How would someone wanting to get started determine what is appropriate to charge?

Hamstra: So much of setting your price is contingent on your market, your skill level and your competition. Don’t undercut your competition so much that you make enemies but I do think its okay to be an inexpensive option. A helpful piece of advice I received was to increase your prices after “x” amount of sessions by small increments until you are at the price you want to be at.

Take a look at some of her stunning work. To learn more about Michelle Hamstra Photography visit her site at

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