The day Leslie became a mother

by Trillia Newbell and Leslie Nack

leslie nackWOG Contributor, Leslie Nack, went from a home with only her husband and Sam to fill it, to a home with three young boys; and she wouldn’t want it any other way. I wanted to catch you up on what she was doing in hopes that you would be encouraged to see God moving on young couples hearts to care for orphans, the fatherless or those who are in troubling circumstances and that you would pray for our dear friend, Leslie.

Here is a portion of  a post she wrote about her journey.

Today I became a Mother

I woke up this morning with a giddy excitement because today I become a mother. Our three boys move in after school today. Last night, Andy and I had our last supper with just two people (Sam was out). Last weekend, we celebrated our second anniversary by going to Chattanooga, so I guess that was our “babymoon.” This morning instead of grabbing my hospital bag and munching on ice chips I brewed up a pot of Peet’s coffee, tried to read my Bible (but I couldn’t focus) and then hit the YMCA for a run to get the jitters out (it didn’t work). Then I made a quick run by the store to get some essentials like 2% milk and “normal” salad (the boys will eat iceberg lettuce and carrots with ranch, but my exotic blends of field greens, chickpeas and feta do not go over well). Sweet friends are filling my freezer with meals to use on the days that cooking doesn’t seem feasible. I am trying to make homework stations and plan morning routines as well as decipher doctors and boy scout leaders. Eager grandparents are making plans for their weekend visits to meet the newest family members.

Read the rest of the post at her blog Doing Justice and Loving Mercy, by clicking HERE.

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