Book Review: You’re Already Amazing, by Holley Gerth

By Trillia Newbell

You're Already Amazing, by Holley GerthWhen I first saw the title of the book, You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth, I was a bit skeptical. The title struck me as a self-help, man-centered notion of being amazing just because we should think good thoughts about ourselves. But that is not what the book is about. Gerth takes us through a series of exercises to discover how God has specifically gifted each of us to serve him in whatever season he has us in.

You’re Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be is divided into 11 chapters. Each chapter has an interactive tool to apply the chapters’ points and message. Gerth begins with a heart to heart conversational style dialogue.  Her main point is summed up in this sentence: “There aren’t “it girls” (or guys). There are only “is girls.” God looks at you and says, ‘She is loved, accepted, and valued. She is created just the way I wanted her to be,’” (pg. 17).  This focus of being fearfully and wonderfully made by God is the foundation of the book, which is one of the reasons it is not a self-help book. Rather is it a practical guide for discovering how God has made you.

In Chapter 2: Who Am I, Really? we begin to get practical. Gerth explores lists of strengths and skills and encourages readers to write out how they are uniquely gifted. At the end she reminds us that, “What he wants most is simply us. Our hearts. Our dreams. Our days. Then what we do with our skills is just a natural response-and ordinary activities such as cooking or cleaning become just as sacred as leading a church or going on a mission trip,” (pg. 33).  I found this point particularly helpful. It would be easy to get caught up in the lists and forget it is all of God and about God.

Gerth moves on to address questions, lies, and the emotions in the hearts of women.  “Emotions make great messengers but bad bosses,” she says. “If we listen to what the messenger has to share with us, then turn to our heavenly Father and ask, ‘What do you want me to do?’ all is well.  If we turn to the messenger with our back to the Maker, then our emotions can lead us astray,” (pg. 59). Warnings like these are helpful additions to her practical suggestions. Without them the book would be more like a manual for life but instead it is filled with useful reminders to submit to and follow God.  Yet, her directives are shared full of grace and with an encouraging tone.

The final chapters are meant to be a sort of “where do we go from here”.  Once you’ve discovered how God has uniquely made you- how do you apply it? She writes about circumstances and different seasons, friendships and even how to take care of ourselves. Gerth takes it home by reminding us that our lives aren’t meant to be perfect- this side of heaven. “What we’ve been talking about isn’t making our lives perfect. Instead it’s about learning to turn to Jesus when our hearts feel restless, to have the courage to be who he made us here and now no matter what, to cross the finish line into everything he has for us in eternity with a smile on our faces, knowing we ran well every step of the way,” (pg. 179).

You’re Already Amazing is an encouraging tool meant to help us discover all that God has for us just as we are.  Gerth’s language is relaxed and friendly-addressing us as “ladies” and “girls”. Her tone is that of a loving sister. I can recommend this book as a practical tool for personal growth or discovery and group studies for women.


(Note: I received this book from Baker Publishing Group for review. In no way was I asked to review it favorably.)

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