5 Days Series

5 day seriesBy Trillia Newbell

Have you ever thought that you just couldn’t do something? I have. I think often that there are things in my life that would be quite difficult to give up. Thankfully I was introduced to a blog series where women all over the map will be doing various mothering and homemaking projects, challenges and events for 5 days. I thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to challenge myself to 5 days of Saying No!

Here’s how it will work:

For five days I will say no to various things for varying degrees of time. I will write about my challenge and follow up at the end of the week to let everyone know how it went. What am I giving up:

The Internet: I believe the Internet is truly a means of God’s grace to communicate with family and friends, to share stories and even the gospel of Jesus Christ. But let’s be honest, it can be quite distracting. Because most of my work is done via the Internet I can not completely give it up, but I can limit it and I can restrict myself. This will be a wonderful and refreshing challenge.

Television: We aren’t heavy TV watchers but when I work I often put in a movie for the kids and we typically like to watch TV at night. I intend to go five days without TV! When I say, “I” , I mean my entire family.  We are all excited to find new ways to entertain ourselves as we relax or work during these summer days.

No to busyness: Have you ever truly taken a Sabbath? I don’t know that I have, at least not intentionally. I’m going to learn what it means to take a Sabbath. How did God intend it to look (by grace-that is) and then we are going to do it!

No to idleness: It may seem peculiar to have no to busyness and no to idleness but hear me out. You can be busy doing nothing. I want to organize my summer, prepare for the fall, get ready for teaching my coop class, figure out what I need to do for homeschooling and so on and so on.  I have a feeling as I shed much of the distraction above I will have time to do some serious organizing.

No to kids: What? I thought this was a homemaking and mothering challenge? Yes, I said NO. TO. KIDS. Here’s the wonderful truth, I am with my children almost 24 hours every single day. We do activities together, we play, we read, we make bottle rockets, and we nap. But there’s one person who I want to make sure that I am constantly and consistently loving on and that is their father, my dear husband! So, as I say no to the kids for a day, I’m gonna say YES to my husband and spend a day with him. I know that this is one of the sweetest gifts I can give my children- to invest in my marriage.  It’s a surprise so, shhh! Thanks for keeping our secret.

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2 Comments to “5 Days Series”

  1. That sounds like an awesome week! I’m looking forward to reading all about it!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Sarah!