More in My Mundane

By Trillia Newbell

It was 3:00 a.m. and my daughter got up in the middle of the night. She screamed for 30 minutes before settling back to sleep. Two hours later it was time for me to wake. One hour later my son arouse- way earlier than normal. I stopped what I was doing to tend to his needs, sent my husband off to work and began the day.

The day involved making breakfast, cleaning up from breakfast, making lunch, cleaning up from lunch, playing outside, cleaning up from playing outside, and then rest time. Once rest time was complete it was time to cook dinner. Dinner was finished and then it was dinner time.

The next morning we did it again. One day I stopped and said, “God is this it?”  It was a loaded question. Was my life of any meaning at all? You might be surprised by the answer.  “No, this is not it,” I sensed God saying. There is more.

There’s More

There isn’t a task I do without four beautiful little brown eyes watching and learning and absorbing. I am the mom to two kids. They need my love and care. It’s a sweet task. But I’m so much more than a mom. I’m an ambassador for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20).

Think about it. We are the first and most influential people in our kids’ lives. We have the opportunity every day to reflect the love, mercy, grace, peace and patience of Christ. We fail miserably (okay- I fail miserably) but there is grace abundantly available for those failures. Our days are but a shadow, they are passing away, and passing fast (Ecclesiastes 6:12). But during these brief days with my kids I am a representative of the Kingdom of God to them (and to the world). WOW!

I’m seeking to remember during the day-to-day that there is more to my seemingly meaningless tasks. There is a reflection of something greater than me.  I have an opportunity to reflect Christ and the gospel to my kids daily. But there’s even more.

Even More

God will make our toil beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:9). Our work will make sense. We will understand, in time, the full purpose of it. Only God knows the beginning from the end, so until that time I labor, because for to me to live is Christ (Philippians 1:22). God has prepared good works in advance for me (Ephesians 2:10). I am merely walking out the life that God has called me to.

God has a good and sacred purpose in our living and laboring for Christ. He will use our service, as little as it may seem, for his purposes and his glory. But there’s still more.

Still More

God does all things for the good of those who love him (Roman 8:28). There isn’t a mundane task that isn’t a part of God’s goodness to you- and to me! Our tasks are meant to teach us more about God. Whether it is crying out in need of sleep and confessing our dependence on him (for our good) or it’s enjoying the smell of a newborn baby (for our good). Maybe you have to work to pay off debt- God has provided that job for your good. What an honor that we can labor and work for God’s glory and it also be for our good.

Sometimes we just have to take our eyes off of the task at hand, and even off of our children, and place them onto the Lord.  My perspective changes when my eyes are fixed on him (a conscious effort and practice). My heart is filled with gladness.

I am an ambassador to Christ, made for good works prepared before time, and it is for my good—and yours too.

Does that change how you view your day-to-day? Is it motivating to think of yourself as an ambassador to Christ to your children? Are you comfortable with the mystery of our days—the fact that we don’t know the when/where/how but know there’s a purpose?

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One Comment to “More in My Mundane”

  1. Rachel W says:

    Thank you – Yes! It does encourage me. 🙂 thanks for a very practical post.