Real Women. Real Issues. Real God.

By Trillia Newbell

If you’ve been with us since the beginning in November 2011, you may remember a little section on our site called “WHY WOG.” If you don’t remember, click through and take a quick read. One of the major reasons I wanted to start this magazine style blog was to provide a place where Real Women (women like you and me)  share about our Real Issues (the trials that plague us, the stories that make us who were are, and the good and bad that fills our life) and most importantly about our Real God (the God of the universe, maker of all things, and Savior of the world).

Over the past month we have been focusing on the second part of our mission, “Real Issues.” In July’s “issue” you’ll find stories of loss and faith, fighting post-partum depression, an interview with an author who wrote a book about our issues, the faith of a woman as she loving cares for her husband, the struggle of one woman to be Superwoman, and the struggle of one woman to see her body as made for worship.

But there’s more! We have interviews and perspective pieces and of course RECIPES!

Please check out the categories to get the latest or follow these links for a list of the newest articles listed from top down:

Feature Stories


Your Stories

Man Corner

Guest Posts

Special Series

And more!

Thank you so much for reading. I am thankful that you would visit this little site and pray God would bless you daily.

With Joy,


Trillia Newbell


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