Homeschooling: Sweet Chaos!

By Trillia Newbell

So I’ve started homeschooling. It is everything I thought it would be–plus. There’s much more craziness trying to wrangle in my kids and much more joy in teaching than I would have ever imagined. I had thought I would do school one way, but one of the benefits of homeschooling (flexibility!!) allowed me to change my mind.

We are doing a cooperative learning schooling. Weston goes to Rivers Edge Christian Academy three days a week and I teach him for two days. This schedule is much better for our busy schedules. Working part-time and homeschooling full-time was not a viable option.

Another plan I had was to finish our basement and make that his school. That didn’t pan out. Since we were unable to we have made a makeshift school area.

What makes it chaotic, besides the fact that Weston is 6 years old and active, is our little Sydney bean (that’s our nickname for my youngest). She likes to take over homeschooling times (as you will see in the pictures below). I am about to implement some ideas for keeping my vivacious toddler occupied and entertained which I will share soon.

Until then,  here is a look at our not-so glamorous homeschooling area. Home of the Wildcats. Where learning takes place and chaos ensues.

West doing school this morning.







Sydney catches on







Adorableness while learning







Sydney’s take over begins







Sydney is now doing school too and Weston must use the front of the desk.







She is now the teacher! 🙂

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2 Comments to “Homeschooling: Sweet Chaos!”

  1. We’re part of the same school-homeschool-mix option and love it!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Kara says:

    from a different Kara!

    We just started homeschooling, too! Well, before that we were always homeschooling English subjects, since we live overseas and my kids went to local schools. But now we are enjoying the freedom of not having to go anywhere, or do anyone else’s assignments! It has been much easier than I expected…in fact, I’m constantly wondering if we’re doing enough.

    Since we live in a small apartment, our school area is very flexible. My older kids work at the kitchen table, but more often my middle son is found on the living room floor. And my youngest sits on a big pillow and writes on the table in our living room (which is my and my husbands’ bedroom at night.) Some days I dream of having a ‘school room’ but I love the fluidity and flexibility so far. And I love how often everyone ends up gathered in the same room. Of course, it’s a challenge to not have everyone distracting everyone else, but since they’ve been getting their work done quickly, I’ve stopped stressing about it!

    I found your blog through Natasha Robinson’s. And looking forward to more!