The Good Life: A Review

The Good life coverBy Trillia Newbell

There is so much about the idea of retirement that appeals to me. I can look at those advertisements that show the silver-haired husband and wife walking on the beach hand-in-hand and long for it. My heart can become discontent and before I know it I’m lamenting my day filled with work. During those times I’m convinced that they have the good life. Retirement, riches, relaxation, minimal responsibility, ease; now that’s the good life. Thankfully Christian hip-hop artist, Trip Lee, helped redefine what it means to have and live out the good life for me while addressing my discontentment in his new book The Good Life (Moody, 2012).

The Good Life is divided into four sections and includes twelve short chapters. Each section builds on each other explaining what is the good life, keys to the good life, living the good life, and the good that God gives.  If you’ve ever wondered what The Great Commission looks like, read this book. Lee walks his readers through an understanding of salvation to discipleship.

Lee gives great insight into what life is really about. Some quotes that resonated with me and will impact others were:

“A pill that allows us to think clearer could never help us to make all of the right decisions because our main problem is not rational, it’s spiritual.” (p. 25)

“The truth is the God of the Universe is the only one who can truly lead us to the good life.” (p. 29)

“Whether or not we live the good life depends on what we have faith in. The good life is living by faith in a good God.”  (p. 38)

“Our sinful hearts are cruel dictators. And as long as they rule over us, we’re not free.” (p. 92)

Oh what great truth! Our hearts need a master and the master doesn’t need to be us.  Lee writes in a way that makes you want to live the true good life. His words lead us to the true Master and Creator. He is a young man walking out his faith and he brings us along his journey.

What makes this book so good to me is that Lee could be perceived by some as living the good life of fame. But he counts it as rubbish and says no—that’s not the good life.

“I ate it up and believed the lie that Ferraris and Jaguars are what life is largely about. If I wanted  the good life, I need the money, the cars, and the girls…But we’ve been duped. They sold us materialism disguised as determination. They led us to counterfeit satisfaction at the expense of the real thing. They told us to center ourselves on ourselves. And when we asked if there was another way, they whispered in our ear an assured yet deceitful, ‘Absolutely not.’ We’ve been deceived. We have eaten the fruit.” (p. 18, 19)

The “they” he refers to is the Devil, our sin, and the outside influences we listen to everyday. He realized early on as a young Christian that the only good is in and comes from Christ. His words and example in The Good Life will help many reevaluate our definition of what is truly good. Most of all, those who love his music will be introduced to a clear gospel message in the form of a book that could lead those readers to an everlasting good!

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2 Comments to “The Good Life: A Review”

  1. Definitely need to read something like this over the holidays. Blessings, Natasha

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