A Look Back at Articles Here and Beyond

By Trillia Newbellreflection

I hadn’t planned on looking back and reflecting on the year publicly until I realized it was the “thing to do.” In all seriousness, it really is good to look back at what was useful, what inspired me, and what you found encouraging.

This isn’t your traditional top 10 list.  Because I write on other sites, I’m going to list some of the top articles here and some of my favorites from around the web.

Women of God

Our entire perspective section seemed to be a hit among readers. Many of the most popular articles come from this section including, Dear Pastor from a Black Female Congregant.

Other popular posts:

Giving Birth to a Different Kind of Baby

Nine Years of Work, Not Bliss

I’m a Loser Mom

When Feelings Fail

Four Christmas Seasons Ago by David Castro

Bright Hope for Tomorrow by Sarah Stonier

Remembering Victims through Prayer

A Momentary Marriage: An Interview with Ian and Larissa Murphy

Keeping Up with the Monday’s by Cap Stewart

And our Recipes section mostly written by Casey Bradshaw

Around the Web

I’ve truly enjoyed getting the chance to write around the web for different publications and ministries. These were some of the more popular pieces I wrote and others that weren’t as popular but were important to me.

Sorrowful, Yet Always Rejoicing on Desiring God

Celebrating Diversity in Our Homes on Desiring God

The Race-Transcending Gospel on Desiring God (my testimony)

A Year of Biblical Womanhood: A Review on Desiring God

The Self-Righteous Wife on The Gospel Coalition

Do I Have What It Take to Raise an African Child on The Gospel Coalition

Women Around the World on The Gospel Coalition

When Darkness Seems to Hide God’s Face on The Gospel Coalition

Hair and the Black Woman on The Reformed African American Network

Confessions of a Bully Mom on True Woman

Interracial and One in Christ on Today’s Christian Woman

Why This Black Christian No Longer Toes the Democratic Party Line on Christianity Today’s  Her.meneutics


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