Just Do It: Finding Time for the Word

By Kim Shay

Have you ever noticed how much anticipation is involved when a woman is expecting a baby? I often wonder if in our anticipation about nursery decor, names, and birth plans, we spend insufficient time thinking about what it will mean to raise a child for the glory of God.  I had the first grandchild on both sides of the family, and one would have thought that we were preparing for the arrival of a monarch.  Looking back, I wish I had sought and been given more counsel from women about what it means to be a mother who is a woman of the Word of God.

I am not one to do anything by halves, and when my kids were younger, I dove into motherhood with a vengeance.  We had activities and play dates; we homeschooled, we had music lessons and recitals, soccer practices and tournaments, kids’ club and youth group.  Those days passed in such a blur, because I crammed in so much to a 24-hour day.  I thought I was Wonder Woman.

And then the questions began when my kids were teenagers.  They were not easy questions.  They weren’t questions like “Does Jesus wash away our sins with a dish towel?” anymore.  They were things like “How do I know the Bible is true?”  and “Why is homosexuality wrong?”  I thought I was prepared; I had been teaching the Bible, after all.  Yet while I had studied and read, my busy life had eliminated the opportunity for mediating and pondering God’s Word.  In Psalm 1, we are told that the blessed man (or woman!) is the one who finds delight in the law of the Lord.  A blessed woman is one who meditates on it day and night.  Furthermore, she will be like a tree firmly planted by the waters and will not wither.  What a beautiful image!  Being regularly nourished and refreshed!

I must confess that as we faced challenges with our teens, I didn’t feel like a tree that was firmly planted. I felt like I was perishing and desperate.  And this from a woman who supposedly knew the Word!  I certainly studied enough to prepare a lesson, but I had short changed myself in sustained, personal reflection, giving myself time to soak in the Word, and let it penetrate my life.  The Word of God is not just a book we can pick apart once in depth and then move on.  It is a living Word, and requires daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly attention.

Where’s the Time?

A few years ago, I taught a bible study to group of young mothers. Many of them shared with me that they had very little time for bible study, yet from their conversations, I could tell they were finding time for many other things; they were good things, but time in the Word was seen as an impossible accomplishment.  I encouraged them to try to find the time for the Word.  I suggested they enlist the help of their husbands, friends, relatives, or a willing teen in order to find time to study and meditate.  It is my greatest burden for young women today; we cannot parent to the glory of God unless we are intimately connected to him, and that means studying the Word.

Young mother, if you feel like you don’t have time for Scripture study, give it another thought.  You may have more time than you realize!  You could begin a study in your home or local church.  As a young mother, maybe you don’t want another thing to add to an already busy life, but if you have to sacrifice something, it will be worth it in the end.  God desires you to know Him through His Word.  It will be your lifeline to Him.  Do you want to know Him more?  Open His Word!

If you don’t know where to begin, I cannot recommend highly enough Keri Folmar’s study on Philippians, Joy!.  It is well-organized and enriching.  You will also learn how to study the bible.  Kathleen Nielson has a wonderful collection of studies for women that can be done in a group or individually.  Another great resource is One-to-One Bible Reading by David Helm.   I do encourage you to find someone to study with; the accountability is wonderful. Whatever you do, as the saying goes, “Just do it!”

kim shayMore about Kim

Kim has been married to her husband, Neil, for twenty-five years and has three young adult children.  She is actively involved in the women’s ministry committee in her local church, where she is the Bible Study and Curriculum Co-ordinator, and teaches a class weekly.  When she’s not studying, she is busy taking pictures and taming her Beagle.

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3 Comments to “Just Do It: Finding Time for the Word”

  1. Hazel says:

    Thanks Kim, lovely post, you do my heart good!

  2. Aimee Byrd says:

    Great encouragement here. Thanks for sharing your own experience. That time when your children are little passes by way quicker than we think! And the resources you pointed out are a great way to be intentional and organized about it. I like how Nielson’s books make the reader do the work.

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