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The gospel is to be treasured, is to be sought after, and is to be known. But often as we continue in the faith, we forget the Good News and how it applies to the whole of our Christian life. The gospel is not just for salvation.

Luma Simms, wife to Geoffrey for 15 years and mother of five, learned this as she tried to make sense of why she wanted to move on from hearing about Jesus. She calls the syndrome, gospel amnesia, and she wrote a book about it and her experience.

Learn more about Luma and her book, Gospel Amnesia, in the Q&A as part of our New Voices Series.


Q: What do you do day-to-day?

Simms: My roles as wife and mother are my first priority, the Lord blessed me with these roles and I want to be faithful and honorable in them. After that I am a writer, blogger, Bible study teacher and what my husband likes to call: an amateur scholar.

Q:  When did you discover you enjoyed writing?

Simms: Sometime during my arguing with God about how he should be calling someone else and not me, he gave me joy in the writing. Now it has become the way he moves me and causes me to serve him. It has gotten to the point where I am writing in my mind almost continuously.

Q:  Why do you write?

Simms: I do what I do out of obedience to his calling. There have been many times when I fought the Lord, like Moses did on the mountain, asking him to send someone else. It is through HIM and in HIM and for HIM. I am compelled to write.

Q: When do you find time to write?

Simms: Most of the writing I do is either very early in the morning or after the kids go to bed. I also take advantage of nap times. When I get close to a deadline, however, my husband helps me to structure the household duties so I have as much time as possible to work. My two older girls are absolutely wonderful in that they offer to play and care for their younger siblings so I can have a few hours to work at a cafe.

Q: What is the project you are working on?

Simms: My first book is titled Gospel Amnesia (GCD Press). This book is about the affliction of assuming, forgetting, and marginalizing the gospel; the symptoms of this condition, and its one cure. It is a combination of narrative, (my story of what forgetting the gospel did in my life) and analysis. The ebook is scheduled for release on January 15th with the hard copy sometime in March.

Q:   Why is this topic important to you?

Simms: This topic is of primary importance because without the gospel we go astray, the gospel is at the center of the Christian faith. Many of us have assumed, marginalized or set aside the gospel all together. Gospel amnesia is pernicious because it slips into our mind and heart under different guises. My aim is to wake people up.

Q:   How did you come to know Christ?

Simms: While living in Greece my father met some missionaries who were taking a Greek class with him. They spoke to him about the gospel and told him he needed to become “born-again” and to believe on Jesus Christ. And he did. He then spoke the gospel to me in a train station in Thessaloniki when I was eight years old. I prayed for Jesus to save me and come into my heart. I still have the “Good News Bible” (TEV) he gave me.

Q: When you get discouraged is there a favorite Scripture you turn to?

Simms: The book of the Bible that has brought me the most comfort over the years, the one the Lord drove me to time and time again, is the book of Isaiah. However, I have noticed in the last few years as the Lord has awakened me to the gospel, he has driven me more and more to the New Testament.

Q:   What is your message to women?

Simms: If I can stress three things to women it would be: 1. Know your primary identity is in Christ and take the time to understand what that means.  2. Know your theology so that you dwell deeply in Christ, growing in your knowledge of him. This will protect you by keeping you centered on the gospel so you will not be carried away by fringe doctrines. 3. Every time you are tempted to say you are bored with the gospel read what the Apostle Paul says about the gospel and then re-read (or read for the first time) Gospel Amnesia.

Q: Just for fun; what is your favorite leisure activity?

Simms: Reading, listening to a lot of music, singing, and when I get the chance trying to teach myself the cello.


Luma blogs at She has also published articles with Desiring God, Gospel Centered Discipleship, The Gospel Coalition, and Domestic Kingdom. You can purchase her book Gospel Amnesia in ebook format today at the Gospel Centered Discipleship store for $3.99


Luma SimmsMore about Luma

Luma (@lumasimms) is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Luma grew up in Iraq and Greece before her family moved to the US. Luma is educated in physics and law, and is especially passionate about applying the message of the gospel to the important cultural and theological issues of our day. Luma is the author of Gospel Amnesia (forthcoming with GCD Press) and she blogs at Gospel Grace. She resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her family.



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