A Husband’s Love: A Small Reflection of the Father’s Love

By Trillia Newbelllove

I thank God for my close friends. I have some friends who know almost everything about me and are never surprised and would never heap coals on my head for past sin. Grace is always extended and for those I’ve known for many years, I only really know grace from them. These friends know the good and the bad.

There’s only really one person in my life, however, who knows the good, the bad, and the ugly. My husband has seen it all. When you live with someone for ten years you can’t hide behind a smile or computer screen. I can fool my friends, even the closest to me, but I can’t fool him. Thern knows me oh-so well and, oddly, it seems our love continues to grow. He has never once rejected me despite all that he knows and all that he’s seen.

I do believe this is because he is a gracious man. I also believe that when he sees me, he sees me clothed with Christ’s righteousness. I’m not as quick to forgive and as quick to understand as he is. And I’m not exaggerating; my man is truly that gracious. I also believe he takes the call to “love your wife as Christ loved the church” very seriously. But even with a love that seems so amazing, there is One who is far more knowing and far more gracious than even the most giving person on this planet.

There is nothing hidden from the sight of God. He knows all and sees all. Even my husband doesn’t know the full depths of me like God does. God is intimately acquainted with me and all my ways. Every word and thought and deed does not go unnoticed. There’s an element of understanding God’s omniscience that might cause you to shudder. Now let’s not forget He is the one who created us. We are truly laid bare before Him.

But God doesn’t accept us based on our performance or lack thereof. He already knew us before the beginning of time. He knew that He would be sending His son in the beginning of creation. And yet He forgives. He casts out our transgressions far from His sight. He doesn’t deal with us according to our sin, past, present, or future.  His love is as high as the heavens are above the earth. I can’t comprehend that height. We don’t even know the full capacity of the love of God. But we know that He so loved the world that He gave His own son for us.

I am thankful for the love of my friends and the deep love of my husband. But I know that the love of my Father cannot be matched. It is steadfast, long-suffering, all consuming, conditional (Jesus!), yet unconditional (I don’t have to work for it). His love is higher, deeper, and wider. There is nothing like the love of the Lord and it is because of this love that I have peace today. I don’t have to hide, He knows, I can run to Him and receive the forgiveness and grace that are already mine in Jesus.

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