Links to Make Time For

By Trillia Newbell

I am an avid reader. The web has made it possible to read thousands of articles a day. But as Sweet Brown would say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  So here I introduce to you Links to Make Time For.

I wanted to name it Link Love, already taken. Then I thought of Links I Like, also taken. I thought about simply stealing Tim Challies’ A La Carte but he’s too popular and everyone would know mine was merely a fake. Then I thought instead of coming up with my own list I’d simply call it Trevin’s Seven and repost his.

But at last I settled with Links to Make Time For. These are my personal suggestions and links that I found particularly entertaining, helpful, or encouraging. These are links that I have made time for and I suggest only because I know there is a limited time in the day. This will also eliminate my self-imposed need to tweet every good article I read. I like to share stuff from others on twitter. I figured this might allow me to do so in one space. With that said it will not be an exhaustive list of good links. Because I don’t have time to read everything on the web.

Enjoy this first edition (I have yet to decide how many I’ll be linking but here are five):

When Feelings Trump Truth and Peace if Far Off, by Kristie Anyabwile

I Owe My Home to Edith Schaeffer by Lauren Brooks

A Prayer of Weariness by Randy Alcorn

First-Day Thoughts on Not Being a Pastor Anymore by John Piper

Jesus is on the Wrong Side of History by Trevin Wax

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One Comment to “Links to Make Time For”

  1. Cindy Finley says:

    I tweeted many of these today too. 🙂 But you did give me a couple to peruse. Thanks!