Our Perception, God’s Reality

By Trillia Newbell

Dove has clever and frankly useful marketing tools. I appreciated their Dove Evolution commercial that made its way around the web around 2006. It featured a model as she received a makeover for a billboard advertisement. By the end of the process the adjustments to her photo did not reflect the same person who sat in the seat for hair and makeup.

Over the past week they’ve come out with another ad called Real Beauty Sketches.  In it a retired forensic artist sits as women come in one after another describing themselves to him as he sketches what they describe. The women leave and speak with other people. Then those people come in and describe the same women to the artist who proceeds to sketch what the others say. In the end you see two pictures: one of the drawing as described by the woman and one of the drawing described by the person who spoke with the same woman.

 The point of the commercial is that we often perceive ourselves negatively. We fixate on our imperfections and imagine ourselves as—ugly. We don’t often think that we are beautiful. Growing up I remember having this obsession with my nose. I thought it took up most of my face. If I described it to you, without you knowing me, you’d probably imagine that my nose runs from ear to ear. I understand the temptation to think negatively about the way one looks. Here’s the truth, if we look at ourselves long enough we will find all sorts of imperfections.

But if we fix our eyes on Jesus we will always find perfection.

So what I want to do is, instead of thinking about how I look in my own eyes, I want to think about how I look in the sight of God. I am beautiful in the sight of God because I am clothed in Christ’s righteousness (Philippians 3:9). I am beautiful in the sight of God because he has chosen to cast my sins from his sight as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12). I am beautiful in the sight of God because I am his image-bearing daughter who he fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). I am beautiful in the sight of God not because of anything in me, but because of everything in him! Jesus makes me beautiful and I can look to him, the author and perfected of my faith for confidence and security for my beauty.

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3 Comments to “Our Perception, God’s Reality”

  1. love this Trillia. this is truth. thank you.

  2. Trillia Newbell says:

    Thanks, Emily!

  3. Christina Fox says:

    Yes! “But if we fix our eyes on Jesus we will always find perfection.” May we radiate His beauty to those around us. Loved this!