May’s Links to Make Time For


It’s the end of the month and time to share some of the best we’ve read on the web.

Trillia’s Recommendations:

1. The Saintly Sinners of Evangelicalism by Lore Ferguson

2. New e-Book: Piper Celebrates the Influence of  Lewis Desiring God

3. What Christians Should Know About President Obama’s Counterterrorism Strategy by Brian J. Auten

4. I’m really excited about the Karis Channel of CBMW. Here’s a link to the articles.

5. So You’re Carrying a Secret by Karen Yates


Christina’s Recommendations:

1. There’s been some talk this month about a new perspective on complementarianism. I found this article by Kevin DeYoung helpful and this one  by Owen Strachan.

2. My friend Jessalyn did a month long series on gospel centered hospitality. Several writers contributed their thoughts on the subject. Recipes were included as well.

3. Paul Tripp has an excellent talk (or you can read the transcript) on failed dreams. There’s a lot of talk in the blogging world these days about reaching for your dreams, Tripp’s talk gives it gospel perspective.

4. My friend Ruth shared her thoughts on the Gosnell trial. Just having had her sixth child, she speaks to the horror of abortion from a mom who has felt and cherished each move her babies made in her womb.




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