Glimpses of Grace Invading Our Mundane

By Gloria Furman

(Editors Note: Glimpses of Grace is available today on Amazon. Look at the end of this article for a special offer and note from her publisher. Later today check back here to watch the book trailer. Enjoy!)

glimpses of graceOrdinary life in the home can feel like a burden sometimes—day-in, day-out—the same chores and tasks, challenges, and discouragements. The same dust bunnies show up on the stairwell and the children fight over the same toys. We struggle with the same sins and get anxious over the same things. There is nothing new under the sun like there is nothing new under the couch cushions—except the candy bar that got stashed and smashed when a certain kiddo got caught with it.

Does our extraordinary God care about the ordinary moments of our lives? Paul Tripp sobered an entire generation of housewives when he said,

“You live your life in the utterly mundane. If God doesn’t rule your mundane, then he doesn’t rule you.”

It’s true that life in the home rarely sees “once in a lifetime” moments of greatness. But because of the gospel of Jesus Christ we can look forward to seeing the supernatural work of God’s Spirit in our lives every mundane day. God is faithful to finish the good work he has started in us (Phil. 1:6), even as we’ll probably never finish ironing the mountain of laundry that keeps stacking up. Eternity breaks into the lives of those who live by faith in the Son of God, right there in our living rooms, kitchens, and front yards.

As I’ve sought to minister to women from all over the world, I’ve been amazed at the incredible diversity our God has created. But something I’ve learned from the women in our church (who are from over 100 different nationalities) is that we all have a common need: to treasure the gospel each day. Every woman around the world needs to have her heart grounded in Jesus’ love so she can have the strength she needs to comprehend the breadth and length and height and depth of the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge (Eph. 3:14-19).

Glimpses of Grace is a homemaker’s reflections on the grace of God in giving us Jesus as our supreme treasure. Our Lord is not absent from our noisy, chaotic lives. Jesus promised to be with us, even to the end of the age (Matt. 28:20). And if he is with us to the end of the age then surely he is with us to the end of potty training a stubborn toddler, he is with us to the end of a stack of bills to pay, he is with us to the end of the food in the fridge, he is with us to the end of an event we’re hosting, and he is with us even as our work extends past the end of the day into the night.

Glimpses of Grace, to summarize about 160 pages, is a reflection on the glorious gospel and how God uses it to transform us in the millions of everyday moments.

(Glimpses of Grace is available now for pre-order and will release May 31, 2013.)

More about Gloria

Gloria FurmanGloria Furman (@gloriafurman) lives in Dubai with her husband Dave, a pastor. They are raising three young kids. Gloria is the author of Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home (Crossway 2013) and she blogs regularly at





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3 Comments to “Glimpses of Grace Invading Our Mundane”

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  2. Christina says:

    Looking forward to reading it, Gloria:)

  3. Tim says:

    “And if he is with us to the end of the age then surely he is with us to the end of potty training a stubborn toddler, [etc.]”

    So well put, Gloria. When Paul said that in whatever we do we should do it for God’s glory, he didn’t append “… but make sure you’re doing something others will think is a big deal.” And frankly, our mundane stuff is a big deal because we are in Christ and he’s the biggest deal there is.