June’s Links to Make Time For


We’ve come to the end of the month and it’s time to share the best of what we’ve read on the web during the month of June.

Trillia’s picks:

1. Kathleen Nielson shares about TGCW14! Save the date. One year from today!

2.  If you haven’t heard about DOMA, Dr. Russell Moore says his insights on the case and the church.

3. CBMW is having a matching grant drive that is almost over. Learn more here.

4. Go to the zoo with fresh eyes. David Mathis, “A Christian Guide to the Zoo.”



Christina’s picks:

1. Caring for Victim’s of Sexual Abuse: At the TGC conference in April, our very own Trillia, along with Scotty Smith and Justin Holcomb, discussed what it means for the church to care for victim’s of sexual abuse. If you have abuse in your story, or know someone who has, this is an excellent video on the topic. The church needs to create an atmosphere where victims feel safe to share their story and where the gospel provides healing for their soul.

2. For homeschoolers or those interested in homeschooling, here’s an article with some interesting recent statistics: At Home Classrooms Filling Up.

3. Speaking of schooling, The Gospel Coalition has a series of articles called Perspectives on Our Children’s Education. Over three separate articles, three writers share the reasons why they chose public school, private school, or homeschooling.

3. Is There a Key To Godliness?: This article by John Piper arrived on a day when I needed it most. Have you ever had days like that? Days where God meets you right where you are with exactly what you need. If you are in need of some hope, this article has some just for you.


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