July’s Links to Make Time For


It’s the end of July and summer is nearly over. While we are busy with family, vacation, and summertime fun, we’ve managed to fit in time to read what’s on the web and want to share a bit of that with you.

Trillia’s Picks:

1.  The TGC 2014 Women’s Conference opens registration next Thursday (August 1). Here’s the link.

2. Is it royal baby or royal fetus? Owen Strachan shares.

3. Do statistics matter in profiling and prejudice? Thabiti Anyabwile shares his thoughts…


Christina’s Picks:

1. Hundreds Offer to Save Down Syndrome Baby From Abortion: You must read this beautiful story of hundreds of people offering to adopt a child whose life was threatened by abortion.

2. On My Shelf: I have enjoyed this ongoing series at the The Gospel Coalition. I love knowing what other people are reading, especially those authors and pastors whose words and teaching have impacted me. Included in this series: Kathy Keller, Kevin DeYoung, Thabiti Anyabwile, Tullian Tchividjian, Kathleen Nielson, among others.

3. Lay Aside the Weight of “Not Feeling Like It”: I think we all have things in our lives that we put off doing, don’t want to do, and resist doing. John Bloom encourages us to endure and persevere. He points us to our future hope of eternity. “Because God, in great mercy, is showing us everywhere, in things that are just shadows of heavenly realities, that there is a great reward for those who struggle through and persevere (Hebrews 10:32–35). He is reminding us almost everywhere to walk by faith in a promised future and not by the sight of immediate gratification (2 Corinthians 5:7).” An encouraging post for those of us who just don’t “feel like it.”

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