We need Jesus for our weariness, brokenness, shame…

By Trillia Newbellcourtesty of creationswap.com

Weariness, brokenness, shame, these are a few of the topics I see trending in the blogosphere. This morning as I woke I kept thinking we’ve forgotten. We’ve forgotten. We forget. Maybe we never really knew. Whichever it is, we must constantly be reminded that Jesus didn’t come for the righteous, He came for sinners (Mark 2:17). I have to remind myself that in Christ alone my hope is found and God’s wrath has truly and completely been satisfied through the blood of Christ.[i] I think, perhaps, that’s one of several reasons for these articles.

I’ve been adding my voice to this chorus of reminders over the past few months (and year), too. I remember being filled with fear as I wrote one particular post. I didn’t want to be judged. I didn’t want to be reminded of my past. I didn’t want to be shamed or feel shame. And at that moment I was convinced I should write it. How many other women walked around feeling as if they didn’t measure up because of past sin? Why would I feel shame when I am clothed with Christ’s righteousness? I wasn’t looking to my Savior, I was looking at myself as a measuring stick. That will surely fail me.

I want more than anything for my few readers to be encouraged in the Lord and reminded of the Good News. So I share the real me in hopes that you will know I’m with you in the battle, and then I share what I hope is the real Jesus so you will know He is more than enough.

Here are a few posts that I pray will encourage you in your walk of faith to the glory of God.

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[i] Modified lyrics of “In Christ Alone”, by Keith and Kristyn Getty

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