The Guilty Bystander

 by Melissa McDonald

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I closed the book and with shaking hands placed it on the table next to me. I was the only one awake.

Often I had wondered as I heard stories of men and women who hid the Jews if I would have had the courage to… Or if the mark of the underground railroad would have been seen in my window pane.

In the dark quiet I understood that this was not a hypothetical question. There is a great slaughter of human life. I have always known it was wrong. But I have done nothing. Nothing.

I have proved to be the man who watched silently as they loaded my neighbor on the cargo train of death. They claimed he was less a man than me. I knew better.

There is a God who freely pardons. He bore the wrath for my indifference that has drowned their infant cries. He gives grace to the humble. Grace. Fresh, sweet grace.

My arms still shake as my fingers strike the keys: If you don’t know where to begin, this book, Why Pro-Life? is short, begin here.

It’s written by Randy Alcorn arguing for the Pro-Life position. He writes, “If you are pro-life, I ask you to think through your position. It isn’t good enough to say, ‘I know I’m right, but I’m not sure why.’ We should base our beliefs on the evidence. If we’re wrong at any point, by all means let’s revise our position. If we’re right, we need to learn how to intelligently and graciously inform others.”

If you are for life, do not sit by in silence as they crush the skulls of children.

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Melissa McDonald (@melissabmcd) and her husband Eric serve and disciple international students at the University of Iowa with their two daughters, Miriam and Annette. She loves cooking, taking the girls on explores, and writing. Melissa blogs at The Cross and the Kitchen Sink and has written the bible study guide: To Live Valiently: A Study on the Proverbs 31 Woman.

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